Trade With Caution, There Is An Outbreak Of Lassa Fever In Abakaliki

MEDICAL EMERGENCY: There is an outbreak of Lassa fever at Abakaliki which has claimed lives again,   2 resident doctors at FETHA, a public health physician and an ENT surgeon died on Sunday 14/01/18 while a house officer and a male nurse are in critical condition at a phantom virology center without a dialysis machine at Abakaliki.

Please high index of suspicion is seriously needed,  high fever, throbbing headache and bleeding from orifices are pointers.

Constant hand washing with soap on a running water and hand sanitizer..... highly indicated while minimizing body contact as much as possible will be helpful.

Don't have the mindset that Abakaliki is far from you, people move around. Please reader, let's trade with caution especially brothers/ friends at Eboyi state.

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